[Tutorial] VH Screen Capture [Simple]

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A short tutorial for someone on how to use VH Screen Capture Driver on ustream.tv. Recorded with Camtasia Studio 6. EDIT: Since the page and most of it has c…


YelloWdeliGhTish says:

When I stream live with Adobe Flash Media encoder, it will only stream a
small part of the screen around my cursor. When I try to change the size of
frame box around my cursor it wont work. Can you help me with this?

ricur552 says:

When i try to record the videos only ends up being 1 or ½ second long


I want to livestream whilst playing games, i understand the site i use does
not matter but what i want to know is, is this the software i am looking

DennisLego says:

which version is it?

Lunixfox says:

@VirtualCentral what do you mean by endless loop? i dont know what could be
the cause of that. sorry.

AceThunder345 says:

Dude can you help me Bro my vh screen cap shows red lines when I try yo use
it. Why is it doing that? Please help.

CaptainVon Swagganaut says:

I have a problem with the screen cap. Whenever I use it and I’m not
capturing my whole computer screen (like when I highlight the area I want
to highlight), it shows up with all these lines running through it. Does
anyone know how to fix it?

Phillip Zachhuber says:

ich weiß nicht wo man die aufnahme startet

Lunixfox says:

@CapnLawladin um, thanks. why is that?

Lunixfox says:

1. It just looks messy to you, I arranged it the way I can understand it
and find my things I need horizontally. 2. The yellow cursor is from
Camtasia Studio Settings and is not related to VHScrCap.

Lunixfox says:

@ScAvacadoes Have you made sure that you put the windows following toggle
on? And for the quality it’s not the program’s fault most likely, it is
either your preferences on justintv or your bandwidth.

Lunixfox says:

@shadowkunai12 put the folder where ever you want it, then go to
HmelyoffLabsVHScrCap and the ” VHScrCapDlg ” file is the program, which
you can make a shortcut of on your desktop if you want.

Lunixfox says:

@Defrath its 永遠 from the album VAGUE IN WINTER 2, I dont know if its from
megaman or not tough.

Lunixfox says:

@1FLOt Sorry, I dont know what it could be. Did you try using ustream.tv?

Lunixfox says:

@bambihumper Sorry, don’t know about consoles and stuff. This also is the
best software I found for PC that is for free until now. I don’t know if
there are any better ones though.

connor z says:

@Lunixfox Thanks for the help man

Ota Naast says:

Actually it looks like their website changed. We now have to enter some
personnal informations before downloading, the file is different too, it’s
a .msi. And once installed, it seems like the program isn’t complete.

Lunixfox says:

@barbarianbob1221 did you do the same thing i did on the video? and where
cant you find an active screen capture driver? what operation system do you
use? Vista?

Lunixfox says:

@ricur552 What do you record them with? Which application?

Sara0090 says:

C:/ Programs Files / World of Warcraft

Lunixfox says:

@ScAvacadoes The quality does not depend on the program itself, it’s the
pc, your bandwidth or justintv itself. If you have fast bandwidth and a
good computer you shouldn’t have problems streaming in high quality, if you
still do, try a different stream site like ustreamtv or livestreamtv.

Carl Smith says:

Why is it when I do resize out post it goes slow the frame work per say
when I use justin.tv ?

connor z says:

yah i can’t seem to get my streams with a consistent frame rate when using
it with Justintv. any ideas on the best settings for broadcasting games?

Ego Banana says:

1.u have a very messy desk top 2. WTF is with the yellow curser settings?

ElDrHouse2010 says:

How do you steam without the camera following your pointer?

Lunixfox says:

@AchromaticProduction Sorry, i dont know anything about 64 and 32 bit so i
cant be of any help to you about that.

Kyle Polacco says:

I downloaded the file but i do not have VHScrCapDig in the VHScrCap folder
what did i do?

ElDrHouse2010 says:

Sauce on the song?

Lunixfox says:

@daigitsune Thanks for the notice, I uploaded the VH folder I use on
mediafire, Its in the description now.

Defrath says:

Is that Megaman music? If I had to guess I’d say it was from X6.

Zorgh says:

I have an audio problem,the sound wont showed up

Lunixfox says:

@IILlamaChowII really? it wasnt really supposed to help much^^ was only
tought for a friend o.o well, youre welcome^^

Lunixfox says:

@BecauseHuskyAsked VH Screen Capture is rather made to record desktop
activities and windows, it’s less good for fullscreen activites. To record
fullscreen applications, you should try getting a different software. If
you haven’t yet though, you could try “Track Window” after you launched the
game and then select it. Maybe it works. Or else, also try “Track Screen”.
I’m not sure if it works though.

Lunixfox says:

@MASTERCHIEF2434 no problem. thanks for subscribing, i usually dont upload
such stuff tough.

barbarianbob1221 says:

it cand find an active screen capture driver. imma noob please help me

Lunixfox says:

@AceThunder345 Could you be more specific? Where does it show red lines?
When does it show red lines, when choosing the window or after setting the
window, or in the recordings?

Mudbucket1337 says:

why does it only capture around where my mouse is? help please, the option
is unchecked :/

MrQwerty2524 says:

This doesnt record Fullscreen games does it?

ShiroKreuz says:

When i try to start recording with VHCapture, it often wont even create a
file, and when it does 9 times out of 10, the file ends up only a couple
seconds long. Do you know the reason for that ?

Scavacadoes says:

@Lunixfox I put track window on, but it stays full screen. Also, do you
have any idea how to make it better quality?

Lunixfox says:

@Connor11223344 well its rather hard to use it with games since VH uses
alot process from your computer which makes your computer slower generally,
but 30-40 would probably be enough for games. Its still a free software
afterall, so you cant expect it to be the best program thats out for

Scavacadoes says:

@Lunixfox Alright. Thanks a lot for the help.

Craig Henderson says:

@Connor11223344 you need good upload speed. Your upload speed is crucial

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