VSDC FREE Video Editor: Chroma Key Smoke Dust Demonstration with HSL application

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All treehuggers calm down, I’m one of you also, and this meadow is still pristine. This is a demo of green screen chroma key adjustments for smoke and dust. …


Eddie Teddy says:

This is Awesome!!!!

COONHEAD14 says:

the mane thing I was wondering was how did you make the dust see true?

COONHEAD14 says:

how did you get the dust to not have a green tint?

t00nz843z says:

You need to add another filter to change the dust’s green tint to brown (or
any other color that you like). For the chroma overlay video, from the
“Editor” menu add the effect “Video Effects/Adjustment/Hue Saturation
Lightness”. Adjust the HSL values in the properties window until satisfied
with the color of the dust. I forgot the particular HSL values that I used,
but playing with the HSL sliders you should be able to figure out what they
do and what works best.

COONHEAD14 says:

will this work for all smoke/dust?

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